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Life's Abundance Home Based Business Opportunity

Life's Abundance Offers Products For “People, Pets And Planet”

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Life's Abundance And Healthy Pets 

The Life's Abundance Pet line has exploded! They use only the finest ingredients in their pet food, treats and supplements, under the careful supervision of product formulator Dr. Jane Bicks. Dr. Jane has served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association of NYC, served on the Advisory Board of the Cornell University Feline Health Center, helped set up the largest animal shelter in the world: the Center for Animal Care and Control, has authored 3 books on pet care, appeared as veterinary expert on CBS' "48 Hours", ABC's "Good Morning America",  and many, many other national TV shows. She was veterinary expert for the Animal Planet series, "Petsburgh". 

Dr. Jane has won numerous awards in her line of work including three Presidential Citations. Dr. Bicks is one of the pioneers of veterinary nutritional/alternative medicine and is recognized nationally as a foremost authority in the natural treatment of animals. 

As a pet lover and representative for Life's Abundance, I can tell you that Dr. Jane is the most caring, loving and most gracious lady you will ever meet. She has been a true inspiration in helping me, encouraging me and will do so for anyone that asks. She also has live monthly conference calls where you and your customers can dial in and ask questions. I know of no other company out there that does this! 

Dr. Bicks utilizes the best of modern science and Mother Nature to formulate all Life Abundance products and they are among the finest holistic foods,  supplements, and treats in the world for dogs and cats. Quality and integrity are the utmost importance to her. You won't find her compromising ingredients she chooses in her formulations that can be harmful to our pets. The Life's Abundance product line is completely safe and has never been affected by the recent pet food recall.

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Life's Abundance And Healthy People 

The Life Abundance "People" products began with the Life's Abundance Ultra Refined Fish Oil. At present, a wealth of scientific data supports the incredible health benefits of dietary supplementation of Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil. Life Abundance Omega-3 is independently tested to ensure that you, your family and your pets receive the highest quality fish oil tested for purity, quality and concentration. 

Life Abundance has now launched their newest Line of Beauty and Skin Care Products. Life Abundance Revitalizing Clay Mask instantly improves the appearance of Cellulite, Fine lines and wrinkles, Stretch marks, Scars, Under-eye puffiness, Crow’s feet, Blemishes, Enlarged pores, Dull, dry skin and Uneven skin tone.

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Life's Abundance And A Healthy Planet 

The “Planet” line has also grown which increases sales and thereby increase checks for distributors. Many cleaning products use toxins, which can be harmful to our family and pets. We've all heard that using household cleaners can cause health problems in kids and adults, as well as our animals. Exposures to toxic components may arise out of the routine household activities including cooking, cleaning and laundering. Apart from the evidence that most households/offices contain over 63 hazardous products that together contain hundreds of chemicals, recent studies have demonstrated a direct association with disease. Microbest products combine natural ingredients and vigorous cleaning action for the ultimate in consumer safety and environmental health. Life Abundance Home Cleaning Products provide a safe environment for your pets and children!

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The Life's Abundance Home Based Business Opportunity 

Life Abundance can provide you with an incredible home based business in the health and wellness industry for pets and humans. Join Life Abundance and own a unique home based business that can help you make thousands of dollars a month.

Life Abundance is the perfect business for doctors, veterinarians, chiropractors, personal fitness trainers, groomers, breeders, health care professionals, pet lovers and anyone interested in their own health as well as their pets' health!

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Hello! We are Rich and Lisa Jelinek, Executive Distributors for Life Abundance. We are excited to introduce you to the Life Abundance Business Opportunity. As a Life's Abundance representative, you have the advantage of offering products consumers really want and need. In fact, experts predict the health and wellness market to be the NEXT TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!

The Life Abundance plan is simple and profitable. The plan is very flexible. It is specially designed to compensate distributors at all levels of participation. The Special Quick Start Bonuses on products were designed to reward you for getting new customers.

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Would You Like To Achieve Financial Freedom?

According to the latest statistics, almost 36 million Americans live at the poverty level. Slightly more than a million jobs were cut last year. Will you be the next number on the list or would you rather take control of your destiny now? 

Would You Like To Have Plenty Of Time To Spend With Your Family?

Less than one in 10 mothers are "stay at home" moms. Almost 60% of children from birth to age 6 spend time in a daycare environment. What does the future hold for YOUR children? 

What about our pets? Millions of dogs and cats are left home alone while their parents go off to work. Wouldn't you love to stay at home with them? By joining Life's Abundance, you can go into business with your pets!

What if you or your spouse lost the ability to go to work tomorrow? How long would it be before you lost everything you own? Think about it.

After 40 years of work, at age 65: 

70% depend on family, friends and social security as their only sources of income. 

5% are financially secure. 

12% are still working. 

and 13% are dead. 

What's The Answer? We Have It And It's Called Life's Abundance 

Did you know...Pet Product Sales Are A 40+ Billion Dollar A Year Industry! 
More money is spent on pet sales than in the Toy and Baby Food Industries combined. 

75% of all Americans own a pet. 

83% would be likely to risk their lives to save their pet. 

87% take their pets to veterinarians for regular checkups, vaccinations and teeth cleanings. 

82% buy premium pet food. 

77% have their pets groomed. 

People spend more time reading nutritional labels on pet food (41%) than their own food (37%). 

Four in ten cats (44%) receive a Christmas gift. 

What Is Life's Abundance? 

It's a revolutionary "lifestyle" that is creating opportunities of health and wealth for many. Life Abundance is a dynamic company that is always growing and looking for new products to make health and wellness possible for our customers. It’s a partnership comprised of highly talented and widely experienced professionals that bring their unique sets of expertise to the company. Life Abundance is an Extraordinary Opportunity. As a Life Abundance distributor, you have a decisive competitive advantage because you have the opportunity of offering products formulated by industry experts. When you talk to new prospects about Life Abundance, the excellence of each and every product speaks volumes for you.   

Life Abundance has an accomplished and experienced corporate support staff. The management, marketing, web design, information services and field support staff are all focused on one goal … to help our network of Representatives become successful in their Life Abundance businesses. You can look forward to a bright future and break the bonds of traditional jobs. The Life Abundance home-based business opportunity allows you to take control of your income and your health...on your own terms and live the life you've always dreamed about. 

How Would You Like To Be Paid To Help People & Pets Feel And Look Better And Live Longer, Healthier Lives? 

What if you could be among the first group of people to take advantage of this opportunity? Deciding what to do with your opportunity is every bit as important as deciding what to do with your money. That's why you owe it to yourself to take a close look at Life Abundance. Our program can set you on the fast track to achieve health, financial freedom and independence.

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Life's Abundance Compensation 

Life Abundance is a real business that is simple, powerful and can provide you with bonuses even the first month you sign up. 

Our compensation plan is dynamic and flexible.  If you have the desire and ability and, according to how much time you invest and how hard you work, you can earn an extra income - it's up to you. 

How Can You Take Control Of Your Income On Your Own Terms? 

By working your own Life Abundance home based business and offering consumers truly exceptional, safe pet products, wellness and weight loss products and getting others to do the same. 

These are products people really want, need and buy. 

Products that are scientifically developed and proven SAFE and effective. 

Take advantage of The Next Trillion Dollar Market! 

Life Abundance is a well established, solid company that's steadily growing and positioned for the long-term, a company where distributors are earning strong incomes. 

Join Life Abundance and you will have fun, make friends, and earn money. 

Break Free And Get The Most Out Of Life! 

Life Abundance offers a number of ways to enrich your personal freedom and expand your financial horizon. We have one of the highest payouts in the network marketing industry. These payouts are as deep as they are generous, with infinity bonuses for qualified distributors. Our compensation plan is a proven ongoing monthly income plan. 

With Life Abundance you can leverage your income, receive the recognition you deserve, and create financial freedom. It's one more way we offer an incredible opportunity. 

We must understand the convergence of certain trends that make the Life Abundance opportunity one that shouldn't be overlooked. The baby boomer generation, biotechnology and the internet will combine to allow average people to create financial freedom for themselves and their family. Baby Boomers believe that age is irrelevant, that it is function and ability that matters. But you know what? Baby boomers have another issue. The longer they live the more resources they need and unfortunately, according to today's statistics, 25 million or nearly one-third of baby boomers have virtually nothing saved for retirement. 

When Was The Last Time You Made A Decision That Affected Your Future? 

I mean REALLY affected it? That's what Life Abundance has to offer. The opportunity is yours if you make the right decision now. Making the right decision is important. Making the right decision at the right time is more than important. It's critical. Many people will tell you that becoming a part of the Life Abundance team is the right decision. There are single parents building a career from home. There are families who want to earn enough for a car payment or a vacation. And there are professionals that have built very successful businesses in the past and see the same opportunity for success with Life Abundance. They'll tell you that Life Abundance is the right opportunity. But when is the right time? It's NOW. The cost of not taking the first step is just too high. 

Would you like to have more time and earn more money for you and your family? 

Will you have enough money to retire? 

Do you value flexibility in your life and your work schedule? 

Would you enjoy the advantage of being in business for yourself but not by yourself? 

Do you appreciate being recognized and compensated for your efforts and your hard work? 

If the answers to these questions are YES, email us  and discover how Life Abundance distributors are earning money now. There is a limited window of opportunity, and timing is critical so act today!  

We Have Every Tool Needed To Ensure Your Success!

*Your Own E-Commerce Web Site 
*Toll Free Product Support and Order Taking 
*Promotional Materials 
*Product Samples 
*Automated Newsletter System 
*Weekly Training Conference Calls 
*Sales Tracking System 
*Easy Duplicatable System 

The Life Abundance web site, which is your own private store front, complete with all the products, shopping cart, and extensive training materials will be completely set up for you, no html knowledge is required. All you need to do is fill in a form with your name and email address and then click a button. The software sets it all up in the background. Within minutes you can easily be set up with a professionally designed web site to run your own quality home, on the internet with no hassles. 

Click Here To See What Your Life's Abundance Website Will Look Like

*Professional customer service staff to take orders 
*Orders shipped by Life Abundance 
*Discounted Autoship plan creates ongoing income  
*Free Life Abundance Newsletters  
*Free newsletters are emailed to you and your customers every month! The newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your customers and prospects. All newsletters already have your Life Abundance ID referral number embedded in them, so if a customer or prospect wants to order products or sign up as a distributor, you get the credit. 

Click Here To See What Your Life's Abundance Newsletters Will Look Like

Outstanding Support Is Yours

*On-line distributor training 
*Weekly live training calls with Dr. Jane Bicks, Carol and Dennis Berardi and other special guests 
*NO inventory, NO shipping, NO order processing 
*Trained customer service professionals to answer your customer's questions 
*Private Training Calls 
*Weekly group training calls where you'll meet other distributors ready to help! 
*Life Abundance training website with scripts, information, tools and everything you need to help you succeed! 
*Our Team's personal Yahoo! Group where you'll be able to share ideas and ask questions of other Life's Abundance distributors. You're never alone when you join our team! You're in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself!  
*You'll also have the constant support of Dr. Jane Bicks and us, Rich and Lisa Jelinek! 

Earn An Extra Income Or Build A Home Based Business 

We will take care of the rest: order fulfillment, customer service and shipping. 

We will track your sales and at the end of the month send you a commission payment. 

Becoming A Life's Abundance Distributor Offers You A Win-Win Opportunity!

*Very Low Start Up Cost 
*No Boss 
*No Employees 
*No Complex Tax Returns (Note! You will receive awesome tax breaks for your own home business) 
*No Extensive Paper Work 
*No Large Overhead 
*No Geographical Limitations In the United States 
*No Delivering 
*No Sorting or stocking Products 
*You can have a 30 second commute to work every day from your bedroom to your office 
*You are in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself! 
*You can choose your own hours! I don't mind working 40 hours a week, I just want to choose which 40 hours I work! 
*You can go on vacation and come back making more money than when you left! 
*You can get raises every month! 
*Your income potential is endless! 
*Your Own Web Site 
*The Life Abundance web site will allow your customers to order products and your prospects to sign up on your Life Abundance replicator web site. 

The web site, which is your own private store front, complete with all the products, shopping cart, and extensive training materials will be completely set up for you, no html knowledge is required, all you need to do is fill in a form with your name and email address and then click a button, the software sets it all up in the background. 

Join Life's Abundance Today 

Attention Physicians, Veterinarians & Health Care Providers:  
If you would like to distribute any of our Life Abundance products in your office, please email us and we'll be happy to make arrangements for you. We have special pricing for health care professionals! Be sure to include your name, phone number, time zone and the best time to reach you. (Your information will remain confidential)

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There are two ways to sign-up: 

You can sign up as an Executive Life Abundance Field Representative, or you can sign up as a Basic Life Abundance Field Representative.

1. Life's Abundance Executive Field Representative Sign Up 

Choose one of the Executive Field Rep Packs. All Executive Field Rep Packs include a Starter Kit.

Our statistics show that Executive Field Representatives are more successful than basic Field Representatives. Why?  

Commitment - Executive Field Reps make a financial commitment to their business.  

Inventory - Executive Field Reps have inventory on hand for browsers or impulse buyers.  

Selling Success - Executive Field Reps sell more because they have product knowledge.  

Profit - Executive Field Reps can sell products at a good profit if they choose.  

Make More Money- Executive Field Reps MAKE MORE MONEY because they can receive a  Recruiting Bonus. ONLY qualifying Executive Field Reps have an opportunity to receive Recruiting Bonus. Basic Field Reps are Not Eligible for the Recruiting Bonus, which could mean thousands of dollars lost over time.  

Follow the leaders ... do what almost all of our most successful distributors do, become an Executive Field Representative.

2. Life's Abundance Basic Field Representative Sign Up  

You can also choose to become a Basic Field Representative and receive a Starter Kit, which contains:

*FREE Personal Website For 1 Month
*Selling, Recruiting & Training DVD's
*Product Catalogs and Product Price Lists
*The Life's Abundance Opportunity Presentation Easel Binder
*Compensation Overview
*All Necessary Forms

Note:  Executive Field Representatives and basic Field Representatives have an opportunity to participate in all the bonus pools provided in the Life Abundance Compensation Plan, excluding the Recruiting Bonus, which is reserved for qualified Executive Field Representatives only.

When you join our Life Abundance team, we'll give you our personal time and attention to help you! You won't believe the huge earning potential with Life Abundance. I want you to know how excited I am to be a Life Abundance Representative. It's hard to call this work! We have enjoyed working with Life Abundance for many years by helping pets and people become healthier.  Our goal is help you become successful, too! Don't miss out! If you are looking for a business that can change your life and help pets and people become healthier, click here. Our team offers an exclusive Yahoo Group for quick answers to your questions, an exclusive online training site and exclusive team calls.

Join Life's Abundance Today!

Wishing You And Your Pets The Best Of Health! 

Rich And Lisa Jelinek

The Pet Industry Is Exploding!

You've seen the headlines. It's impossible to avoid them. Every time you watch TV or read a newspaper, you hear about the struggling economy. If you have access to a computer (which you obviously do if you are reading this!) and a telephone, you can own your own pet business within minutes. With everyone feeling the crunch in today's economy, now is the perfect time to start your own business. It's your chance to to supplement your income and one day soon, say goodbye to your mainstream job and hello to financial freedom.

You can help pets and make a full time income. People have to feed their pets every single day. There's no choice. You have an opportunity to recommend natural, SAFE dog and cat food, treats and supplements that pet owners need and want. Especially after the last 2 years of constant pet product recalls, now is the time to join us!

For Pet Professionals - Groomers, Breeders, Vets, Trainers, Non-Profits, Rescue Groups, Pet Sitters - Do you get paid every time you recommend a product to your client? Now you can! By doing EXACTLY what you're doing right now, you can receive a commission every month for the rest of the pet's life! Listen to this call and then contact us to find out how you can make AT LEAST an additional income over the next year. Join Life's Abundance with us today!

Click Here To View All Of Life Abundance Products For People, Pets & The Planet

If you want to feed your pet the very best and get paid for doing so please take a look at our Life's Abundance Home Based Business. We pay you to tell other people about Life's Abundance and you could get your own pet products free!

If You Have Any Questions About Life Abundance Home Based Business Please Contact Us 


Life's Abundance Dog Training Treats