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Life's Abundance Pet Food Frequently Asked Questions

This page is NOT a substitute for medical advice.  If you feel (use your gut instinct) that something physically may truly be wrong with your pet, don't hesitate to  drop off a stool/urine sample to your veterinarian or even get your pet to an animal hospital ASA.

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Q.  What makes your pet food and products stand above the rest of the natural pet foods on the market today?

A. Personally, in my opinion, I believe Life's Abundance products are the highest quality natural pet products on the market today.  I can say this for many reasons.  First, Life's Abundance has one of the strictest quality control standards in the industry.  Second, we have Dr. Jane Bicks.  Dr. Jane is our product formulator and brings with her over 30 years of experience to search and provide the highest quality ingredients that go into every Life's Abundance products.  Dr. Jane is available to the public via monthly conference calls. Third, our pet foods are fresh when you receive them.  Each bag is shipped to the customers door generally within 6 weeks of being made. Fourth, we do not use corn, wheat or dairy in any of our products.  Fifth, need to reach our company?  I can help you with this!  These are just the highlights. So, how does your brand compare to ours?  Can you reach your product formulator, let alone the co-founder of the company of the pet food you're feeding?  What kind of quality control does your pet's food company use?  Really now, how old do you think your pet's food is?

Q.  I find the price of the food to be a bit on the high side.  Why is it said that it is cheaper in the long run, to feed Life's Abundance over other popular commercial pet foods? 

A.  Since the food is concentrated, there is more value with less food consumed. Pet owners will find fewer odors and stool clean up.  Feeding Life Abundance high quality foods, you will be able to see the difference in your pet's health, skin coat, energy level, quality life-style and less trips to the vet with fewer vet bills.

Q.  OK, I'm almost convinced that feeding Life's Abundance is the best food I can  feed my pet, but please, I need to be 100% convinced.  Can you help me? 

A.  Sure!  Obviously, you have not read the article mentioned on this site's home page.   The first article is entitled, "What's Really For Dinner? The Truth About Commercial Pet Food."  It is written by Tina Perry, who is an animal advocate with the Animal Protection Institute.  Right now, check the ingredients on the current food you are feeding.  Would you eat the food? Your answer is 'Probably NOT!'  Then why feed it to your pet?  Life's Abundance is made of natural ingredients. WOW! Can you say this about the food you are presently feeding your pet?

The most important thing to take into consideration is that all Life Abundance products are formulated by highly respected and nationally-recognized holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks!  Dr. Jane hosts her very own product calls monthly. 

Q.  I'm concerned about the food spoiling, since it's made with all natural ingredients! 

A.  When properly stored in a cool place away from moisture, Life Abundance natural pet foods can be fed for about 11 months. Natural foods attract moisture - which can turn into mildew spoilage quickly in the summer weather and areas of high humidity.  Store pet food in a dry, cool place (even in the $5.00 tubs you can pick up at WalMart or Home Depot).

Q. What are the factors that make up such a high quality pet food such as Lifes Abundance?

A. Wholesome natural high quality ingredients:

Our fish is farmed raised cat fish because the ocean and fish are contaminated.

The chicken meal, turkey meal, fish meal and liver meals are extremely high quality. High quality protein is essential to meet your pets protein requirements.

You wont find any artificial preservatives in any ingredient in our food.

Our wholesome ingredients come from the same place as our own food does. We don't use dead, diseased, dying or decayed animals in our pet food.

Our ingredients are delivered just prior to making the food. While purchasing large quantities of ingredients will save money and is often done, we believe that storage of ingredients decreases their nutritional value.

Q.  Why 26% protein in the dog food? 

A.  It is not the amount of protein in a dog food that is important, it is the type of protein and how easily it can be digested.  The protein is the right amount for all stages of life.  In some cases of working dogs or dogs under high stress, the addition of meat protein can be considered. 

Q.  HELP!  My dog is scratching like crazy? 

A.  First of all, make sure your dog does not have fleas.  You might consider having your Vet check him/her because they can easily be missed by the untrained eye.  Second, your dog may very well be allergic to one or more ingredients in the current food you are feeding.  Many dogs are allergic to wheat, corn, glutens and/or chicken, and may even be experiencing a reaction to the by-products or another ingredient, if you are still feeding a popular commercial dog food.  Remember that healthy skin, coats, eyes and even breath start from within first, what we feed out pets. Life's Abundance is corn, wheat and dairy free!

Q.  Are you products available in Canada or outside the US?

A.  No - at this time. 

Q. What is Life Abundance formula based on?

A. Our formula based on science that will deliver optimum nutrition: The amount of protein and fat in a pet food will determine the type of nutrition a pet receives. We believe that our formula contains a moderate amount (not too high and not too low) of high quality proteins to deliver optimum nutrition. Science has demonstrated that antioxidants are vital to enhance the immune system. Our foods are rich in natural antioxidants including fruits and vegetables. A healthy intestinal tract is key to the absorption of nutrients. If the intestinal tract is not healthy then no matter how good the ingredients and formula is, the pet will not be able to absorb it properly. To ensure a healthy intestinal tract we decided to use a fiber that produces the nutrients the intestine require. We have included 5 types of friendly bacteria to maintain the health of the intestinal tract as well.   

Science has shown that minerals are better absorbed when they are tied to protein (chelated minerals). We use chelated minerals.

Q. What are Life's Abundance manufacturing procedures?

A. Good Manufacturing Procedures are vital to make a healthy nutritious food:
Accountability and high quality control standards is reflected in a good product. Our plant cares about the type of food they produce because they have been making food for a long time --- three generations to be exact. Buying and testing ingredients, and cooking is done with the care of a family members. Its more then just a job. The food quality control starts with incoming ingredients - visually and chemically tested prior to use, quality control check points during the cooking, and samples of every batch kept as controls. A sample of every batch is also kept at the warehouse facilities.

Q. What exactly is the definition of "meal" as a pet food ingredient?

A. 'Meal' means reduced in size...meaning the food is cooked, most of the water removed and reduced in size (ground) in order for a more uniform mix of the meat, veggies, fruit, vitamins and minerals.  Just because you see the word 'meal' in an ingredient, do not assume that the food itself is whole and untampered with!  There are many popular commercial pet foods that list 'chicken meal' as an ingredient.  BEWARE!!!  This 'chicken meal' may contain by-products such as beaks, feathers, intestines and other unfit-for-consumption ingredients.  Read the ingredient label carefully.  If you're still not sure, call the company!  An ethical company WILL give you an honest answer!  If the company is being evasive in ANY way, you can be assured you will NOT receive an honest answer!  Since Life's Abundance does NOT contain by-products, you can be assured that our 'meal' is 100% high quality.

Q. How fresh is Life's Abundance?

A. Our food is made, shipped to the warehouse, and then directly to our customers.  When customers receive our food, it is generally within 6 weeks of being made.  Every bag has a date on it... however, the date on the bag is one year from the date the food was manufactured.  We pride ourselves in knowing that your pet has fresh food.

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Q. I would like to order and take advantage of wholesale prices, but need to know the feeding guidelines so I can figure out how often to have the food shipped.

Cups per bag for the dog food are:

8 lb bag - 29 cups
20 lb bag - 73 cups
40 lb bag - 146 cups

Cups per bag for the cat food are:

6.6 lb bag - 25 Cups
16.5 lb. bag - 61 Cups

Suggested feeding guideline for cats is:

Weight (lbs.)     Suggested Daily Amount

  3 to 6         1/4 to 1/3 cup
  7 to 12       1/3 to 1/2 cup
13 to 18       1/2 to 3/4 cup

Q.  My cat has had urinary tract problems on and off for the last few years. May I feed her Lifes Abundance Cat Food? 

A.  Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease has many causes.  These causes include obesity, breed predilection (persians and himilayans are more susceptible), allergy, bacteria and possible virus.  Foods should produce a urine pH that is slightly acidic, about 6.8 - 6.8.  That is what Life Abundance produces in healthy cats.  If a cat doesn't drink enough water, the urine can become too concentrated.  Those cats may require a canned food a few times a week or all the time. Always check with your vet. 

Q.  Is canned food better than dry?  It looks more like real food. 

A.  Canned food contains 75-78% water.  That doesn't leave very much room for nutrients and thus your pet has to eat a great deal of food to get its nutritional requirement.  Dry food is a more concentrated source of nutrition with about 10% water, leaving 90% for nutrients.  Canned food may look like meat but it can consist of textured soy that is colored and flavored to taste like meat.  Use canned food as a supplement to your Life Abundance Cat Food.  Life's Abundance introduced Instinctive Choice Canned Cat Food.  Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Food is specially formulated to feed along with Life Abundance Premium Dry Food, so your cat can get the benefits of both canned and dry foods. It’s not only what is in Instinctive Choice that makes it the ultimate canned cat food, it is what’s not in Instinctive Choice.

Q.  Who formulates the pet food products and supplements for Lifes Abundance? 

A.  Life Abundance products are formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian, who utilizes the best of modern science and Mother Nature. She has been honored many times by her own veterinary profession. She is the author of three national books on pet care and nutrition including "Revolution in Cat Nutrition," "Dr. Jane’s Thirty Days to a Healthier, Happier Cat" and "Dr. Jane’s Natural Care for a Healthy, Happy Dog." 

Dr. Bicks has been involved with many Advisory Boards including the Cornell Feline Health Center and Canine Companions for Independence. She served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City and was appointed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help start the largest animal shelter in the United States. Many network television shows and radio stations have called on Dr. Bicks for her expertise on animal care. Currently, she can be seen on the Animal Planet’s Petsburg series where she is a frequent guest host who discusses solutions to common pet problems. 

Q. I'm not comfortable shopping online, so how do I get an order placed with Life's Abundance? 

A.  Call us at 1-877-387-4564 and use ID#10075847 an we'll be happy to take your order and get you an account number so you can continue to order by phone quickly and easily. You can also become a Autoship Customer by requesting automatic shipments in increments of weeks or months. You get a lower price and you won't have to keep ordering. You can change your increment with a call to the toll-free number above.  We'll work with you to determine your autoship schedule.  Remember that when you are our customer we are available for you ANYTIME you have a question.  If we do not have an answer to your question we will ask Dr. Jane Bicks, the product formulator and obtain your answer.  We are here for you and want to be your dog or cat food specialist and help your pet live a longer, healthier life! 

Q.  Can I sell Life's Abundance products to offset my own dog and cat food costs plus generate an extra income while helping other pet owners feed their dogs a healthy diet? 

A. Yes, having a Life Abundance business is a very rewarding. You can work with pet owners, shelters, breeders, veterinarians, pet sitters, boarding kennels, rescue organizations and more. There's even a discounted price on food for breeders and kennels. Building an organization by sponsoring these and other business-minded people will provide you not only with an income but a great personal feeling of doing something good. Get more information about the Life Abundance Home Based Business.

We have an outstanding team to help you build your business.  We have an exclusive team training website and group to answer all of your technical question. We also provide training emails and ongoing support.

Q.  Can I sell Life's Abundance products online? 

A.  Yes! Life Abundance will provide you with a website for $10.95 a month and all orders from it will automatically be credited to your account.

Q.  Is Life's Abundance sold through network marketing? 

A.  Yes! Life Abundance is based on referral marketing. The more people you sponsor the more you can make. Some people are using the program simply to earn enough money to pay for their own pet products by having a few customers from friends and family. Others are producing significant part-time incomes and still others have replaced full-time incomes.  This is not a "get rich fast" business. It's a real business that you own and requires consistent effort over an extended period of time. The products are consumable, so people tend to  reorder (customer retention is around 70 to 80 percent), allowing you to reap rewards long-term for every customer gained. Get Life Abundance Field Representative information.

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If you want to feed your pet the very best and get paid for doing so please take a look at our Life's Abundance Home Based Business. We pay you to tell other people about Life's Abundance and you could get your own pet products free!

If You Have Any Questions About Life Abundance Please Contact Us

Medical Advice 
We do not provide medical advice; this is left up to your Vet who knows your animal.  The industry is blessed with many fine Vets that truly care about animal health. However, regardless of professional advice, it is up to each pet owner to read and understand pet food labels. 

Veterinary schools do not require students to take courses in nutrition.  Consumers are electing to no longer support manufacturers that have little regards for their pet's health.  The professional, both in the veterinary practice and in the food they recommend, are aware of this concern and are following a national trend for a healthier lifestyle.  Much of the widely advertised dog foods contain by-products and the remains from the human garbage chain with harmful chemical additives.  These packages should have the skull and crossbones added to the label!

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